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If you have been implicated in a misdemeanor or felony offense, you need the help of a criminal defense attorney right awayDo not admit fault, do not consent to an interrogation, and do not talk to the police without an attorney present. It is the job of the police officers and the State to prove the case against you. You need a criminal defense attorney who will look out for your best interests and protect your rights from being violated. We can help.

At Everett Law Firm, P.A., in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, we are on your side.  Contact us today to discuss your criminal defense needs with a lawyer you can trust.

Our criminal defense attorneys provide individualized legal support and skilled advocacy to protect the criminal rights of those charged with the following North Carolina law violations:

From negotiations, bail bonds, to litigation, we will do everything in our power to minimize your exposure to the penalties associated with your theft, alcohol-related, or drug arrest. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in both misdemeanor and felony criminal law matters. We work closely with our excellent staff and our clients to determine the specific circumstances and the best approach in each case.

Depending on the severity of the charges, you may be facing serious consequences, including jail time, severe fines, and loss of your driver’s license. Additionally, there may be personal consequences upon conviction related to current or future employment and education. With offices located in Chapel Hill, near Durham and Raleigh, our firm is able to provide criminal defense services to college students at UNC, Duke, North Carolina State, Elon, and North Carolina Central facing alcohol-related and drug-related charges.

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