Alcohol Offenses / Fake I.D.


In addition to Driving While Intoxicated (DWI / DUI) charges, there are numerous additional alcohol related offenses. Examples of criminal offenses involving alcohol include:

  • Possession of Fake ID
  • Underage Alcohol Possession
  • Underage Drinking
  • Open Container
  • Fake ID
  • Driving After Consuming Alcohol Under Age 21 
  • Intoxicated and Disruptive
  • Public Drunkenness

Each of the above charges is a misdemeanor and each carries different levels of punishment. Offenses such as Driving After Consuming Alcohol Under Age 21 can cause one’s license to be suspended for one (1) year, if convicted.

On all cases, Everett Law Firm, P. A. will review the circumstances surrounding your particular situation to determine if your rights were violated by the officer who issued the citation or who made the arrest. In college towns, such as Chapel Hill, there is some history of ALE agents violating the Constitutional Rights of students when investigating alcohol related offenses. Everett Law Firm, P. A. investigates the facts surrounding each case and has successfully defended cases where clients Constitutional Rights have been violated.

If a trial is not appropriate in your case, in some instances, the attorneys at Everett Law Firm, P. A. are able to assist clients charged with offenses such as Possession of Fake ID, Underage Possession of Alcohol and Underage Drinking in getting enrolled in certain deferred prosecution plans that ultimately leads to the charges being dismissed.

For a free consultation regarding your alcohol related offense, contact Everett Law Firm, P. A. with offices located in Chapel Hill and serving Orange, Wake, Durham and most surrounding counties.



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