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All students and faculty at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill are expected to abide by the School’s Honor Code. In addition to governing situations of academic misconduct, UNC’s Honor Code may govern off-campus activities that include criminal conduct. Violation of the Honor Code can result in a student being suspended or even expelled.

If you face criminal charges (including DWI / DUI) and are subsequently contacted by the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill Honor Court System, please contact Everett Law Firm, P.A. for a free consultation. Despite any assurances that may be given from Honor System representatives, your cooperation with the UNC investigators or student attorneys may adversely affect both your Honor Code case and your criminal case. In many cases, a student investigator may ask you to provide details about the circumstances surrounding your criminal charges that are often communicated directly to the police for use in your criminal case. In these situations, you need to speak with an attorney before providing a statement that could potentially incriminate yourself. Under the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, a person accused of a criminal offense shall not be compelled to be witness against himself. Our attorneys can advise you to prevent offering any statements that could be later used against you.

Under the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, a person shall have the opportunity to have an attorney represent him during criminal proceedings. This Constitutional right to legal counsel has not been extended to include school hearings like the UNC Honor Court. Although UNC does not allow a private attorney to represent you at the Honor Court hearing, a licensed lawyer is permitted to be present with you. Our lawyers have experience and knowledge to protect your rights at these proceedings.

If you have been charged with a DWI/DUI, drug possession, or another criminal offense and an investigator from the UNC Honor Court contacts you, contact the experienced attorneys of Everett Law Firm, P.A. before making a statement. The attorneys of Everett Law Firm, P.A. can assist you at each step of the Honor Court process to ensure your rights are protected. For a free consultation regarding offenses under the UNC-CH Honor System, contact Everett Law Firm, P. A. with offices located on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill.



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