Divorces are one of the most difficult experiences an individual can face in their lifetime. It is important during a time of such strain and stress to have an attorney and counselor who you can trust and rely upon. The lawyers at Everett Law Firm, P.A. will devote themselves to you as both an advisor and counselor to help you through the trying and difficult experience of your separation or divorce in a manner that is the least stressful possible given your circumstances.

Everett Law Firm, P.A. is a small firm and because we are small, we can devote ourselves to you as an individual and treat your case as exactly that, individual. Our attorneys will try to look at what your best interests and wishes and your family’s best interests are and represent you based on what you desire and not what we think should be done based upon an outline or map.

While divorces are not easy, we hope to ease some of the stress and give you a shoulder on which you can lean for at least one aspect of the life changing experience of divorce and separation. When appropriate, our attorneys will engage experienced psychologists and CPAs for the other aspects of divorce such as emotional and financial to give you another area of support.

We are willing to represent either Plaintiffs or Defendants, men or women, in any of the three most common areas addressed during divorces and separation: Equitable Distribution, Custody and Spousal Support (alimony). Each of these areas is looked at by the courts from a different perspective and in a different manner and are considered different causes of action, but are usually confronted at the same time.

Everett Law Firm, P.A. offers services ranging from a simple consultation to representation during complex and lengthy litigation. The nature and extent of the services needed will, of course, depend upon your individual circumstances.

The actual divorce for parties is many times very anti-climactic. The divorce itself can be simple and quick. It might even be done without the parties presence. In order to qualify for divorce in North Carolina one must have been separated from their spouse for a period of one year and at least one of the parties must have intended their separation to remain permanent. If this is the case then a party may request a judicial dissolution of their marriage (divorce).

Often, clients ask about an annulment rather than a divorce. It is the rare occasion that a party in North Carolina will qualify for an annulment. This is a question best directed to an attorney with specific facts regarding an individual situation in order to receive an accurate answer.



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